Livingston County has an embarrassment of riches.  It is awash in natural beauty, has much American history to it, including several chapters in the story of the American Revolution, and the county has several lovely towns and cities dotting the mostly rural landscape.  The county, named after Robert Livingston who co-authored the Declaration of Independence, lies just south of Rochester, NY.  The county has only about 60,000 residents.

This gallery looks at some fascinating trivia facts about this lovely county.  Some are amusing and others are important pages taken right from the history books.  Some are whimsical, such as the story of "the most famous bear in Western New York." Why does this article mention Cool Whip as well as those little sugar packets you get with your coffee at Dunkin' Donuts?   And while we are at it, why is a famous Historical Black College University (HBCU) in the south named for a white man from Livingston County?

Some famous people were born in the county, some stayed for a long time, others for just a few years.  And what is the connection between the inventor of the first American breakfast cereal, the creator of the Barcalounger chair, and the county?  Interesting!

We know there are many other factoids to the county, but these really caught our eye.  In the near future, we will highlight the amazing facts and trivia about other Upstate New York counties.  Maybe even yours!

Amazing Facts and Trivia About Upstate's Livingston County!

Livingston County, south of Rochester, is a fascinating county with much history and natural beauty. Here are 15 random pieces of trivia about this amazing place. I mean, the largest active salt mine in the Western Hemisphere? Really?

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