As county fairs continue to offer exhibits, games and thrill rides, the New York State Department of Labor says it has a listing of events that have been inspected for ride safety and the businesses that own them.

The Department of Labor inspects rides as they are brought into a festival, once the ride is assembled and while the ride is operating.

The inspection efforts that have been going on at county fairs and other regional events are being stepped up as preparations are underway for the really big event next week: The Great New York State Fair in Syracuse.

Doug Mosher
Doug Mosher

Commissioner Roberta Reardon and other New York State Department of Labor staff have been doing pre-inspections and are meeting with vendors prior to opening day on the 24th to go over safety precautions.

Riders can always look for the NYSDOL inspection tag on a device if they are wondering if it safe.

The Department of Labor also inspects all rides at stationary parks outside New York City at least once a year and at all traveling carnivals or fairs every time they are set up. Rides at the New York State Fair are inspected three times prior and during their use.

Last year, 4,532 inspections were made on 1,661 amusement devices. 1,388 orders were issued for operators to correct violations.  NYSDOL places a dated inspection tag on each ride once it has passed inspection.

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Anyone suspecting an unsafe ride can contact the Labor Department at 1-888-4-NYSDOL.

Fair Rides
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Meanwhile, riders are also responsible for safety. They should read and follow all warnings and instructions, keep hands and feet inside the ride while moving, do not reach toward fences or barriers, secure loose clothing and long hair, don’t drink and ride, don’t attempt to leave a ride until it comes to a complete halt, check retraining devices and never attempt to unlock or loosen a restraining device until instructed by an operator and NO HORSEPLAY!

For a list of events that have been inspected and their owners by region go to

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