A New York cat that was missing for days returned home unexpectedly, ringing her family's doorbell to be let in like nothing even happened.

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According to a report by Finn Hoogensen and Keith Lopez of Nexstar Media Wire, the Long Island cat went missing for several days a couple of weeks after the family moved to a new neighborhood. The family was understandably devastated, thinking their cat had either gotten lost in her new surroundings or worse. Until their Ring doorbell rang one night and when Stefanie Whitley checked the camera to see who it was, she was shocked to learn that not only had her cat returned, but it was ringing the doorbell to be let back into the house.

Leave it to a cat to come back home after being missing for four days and act like nothing even happened. That's why I prefer dogs. When a dog gets outside it runs around like a lunatic but is perfectly happy to come back inside for a treat bribe. When a cat gets out it comes back days later acting like a teenager when their parents ask them where they've been all night. Absolutely zero concern for how their absence may have affected the people around them.

But the cat using the doorbell is pretty impressive. My dogs certainly wouldn't be able to figure that out. According to the report, Whitley claims that cat definitely knows what the Ring doorbell does, saying "I don't know how she found us, but she definitely knows what the Ring camera is. Every time the notification goes off, she'll look toward the door. She knows what she's doing."

Who knows what that cat got up to while it was exploring the new neighborhood for days. But the family is certainly happy she found her way home and used the doorbell to let them know she was outside and ready to return to her family.

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