The convenience of a direct flight to Orlando from the Greater Binghamton Airport was a welcome addition to the community, but that convenience is about to end.

Avelo Airlines, headquartered in Houston, Texas began twice weekly direct flights from BGM to ORL in November 2022. An additional flight was to head to Fort Meyers from BGM but was scrapped when that community was devasted by Hurricane Ian in September 2022.

Originally, flights from Binghamton to Orlando occurred every Saturday and Wednesday, but after a one-month pause in May of 2024, the summer schedule began in June, moving flight days to Thursdays and Sundays.

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This week, Avelo Airlines released its Fall/Winter schedule for flights at its locations throughout the United States but noted that six cities would not be offering flights.

Three of those cities are pausing for the winter, but three services are being terminated, including the Greater Binghamton Airport. WNBF News reached out to Jim Olson, Head of Communications for Avelo Airlines for clarification.

He confirmed that Avelo Airlines is exiting Binghamton, noting the following:

"Unfortunately, the BGM-MCO route was not profitable, and we do not expect it to be within a reasonable time horizon. Every route Avelo flies must be profitable or be on a trend line toward that goal."

Olson added "Before we commit to a new route, we conduct a thorough analysis of any available and relevant data. In most cases, the routes we enter succeed and we continue to operate them. However, with those that do not we must make the difficult decision to exit them."

Finally, Olson, noted that Avelos Airlines was grateful for the support they received from the Binghamton community and the Greater Binghamton Airport leadership team.

Flights from Binghamton to Orlando and back will continue every Thursday and Sunday through August 18, 2024. After that, Delta Airlines will be the only major operator at the Greater Binghamton Airport, offering flights to Detroit, Michigan.

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