Do you remember those "good old days" when Walmart used to be open 24/7? It was convenient for everyone, particularly for those who had busy schedules. For instance, instead of limiting shopping hours during the day, the 24/7 concept allowed shoppers to visit Walmart whenever they had free time, even if it was the middle of the night.

Personally, the 24-hour Walmart stores were a lifesaver for me during the early years of motherhood when my baby wouldn't sleep at night. I used to take him to Walmart and walk him around in his stroller, hoping he'd fall asleep. Meanwhile, I'd use the opportunity to get my steps in and do some quiet shopping.

Walmart's 24/7 service, however, came to an abrupt halt when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Walmart adjusted its hours of operation to provide time for cleaning and restocking products, which, of course, was necessary to ensure the safety of customers and staff members. Over time, people started wondering when their local Walmart store would reopen for 24/7 operations.

A few weeks ago, social media was abuzz with posts that Walmart would restart every location's 24/7 operations across the US starting in June 2024. People were ecstatic and couldn't help but share the post with their friends and family. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a rumor.

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For starters, the screenshot that people shared on social media platforms did not have the blue verification check mark, indicating it was not an official Walmart announcement. Also, there was no announcement on Walmart's verified social media accounts or website regarding a return to 24/7 operations.

Customers didn't want to believe the reports that Walmart wouldn't reopen its stores 24/7 and reached out to me for clear verification.

According to a recent fact-check by Reuters, the information circulating on social media regarding Walmart's intention to resume round-the-clock operations at its US stores is incorrect. Walmart has not disclosed any plans to revert to 24/7 operations at this time. Joe Pennington, a company spokesperson, confirmed to Reuters that there are no current plans for Walmart to return stores to 24-hour operations.

To further clarify whether Walmart stores in New York would reopen 24-hour operations, I contacted the corporate office. In an email, Caitlin McCoy, Senior Manager II, Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement for Walmart said, "There are no current plans to return our stores to 24 hours of operations."

While it might be tempting to believe rumors floating on social media, it is important to verify their authenticity before circulating them further, especially these days. So, it's official - Walmart has no plans to resume 24/7 operations at any of its stores in New York or elsewhere.

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