What would you even do if you thought everything was great with your job but then had your world crash down on you after finding out that not only was your employer looking to replace you but that they were willing to pay someone new more money to do your job?

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You'd probably get really angry and then really sad, right? Then, you'd call your best friend and spew off about how much you hate your employer and how they don't know that they've got a good thing in you. But, would you be so bold as to actually reapply for your job? As in, apply to the job posting for the job you currently have?

Well, one woman in New York decided to give it a shot.

We're not completely sure where in New York this went down, but considering that the woman revealed that due to salary transparency laws, she was able to see how much the job was advertised for, we're guessing it happened in New York City because salary transparency laws have not yet found their way Upstate.

The 25- year-old woman is a tech writer and in the job posting she stumbled on (for HER job), the advertised pay was more than she is currently making. MUCH more. $32,000 to $90,00 more than her current salary.


After applying, the woman let the world what she'd done through a Tweet, Her company got wind of it, and just like that, the job posting was removed. When asked what the deal was, they claimed that it was meant to be for a separate job, not the woman's job. They changed the wording in the job posting and then re-posted it.

Sounds like a load of backpedaling but no matter the outcome, the woman will be fine because job offers have been flooding in. But, still - can you imagine?

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