If you could only eat one meal from a Southern Tier restaurant, what would that meal and restaurant be? That's the question I asked. A tough question in my opinion. I don't even know if I could answer that, but many of you did.

I probably would pick the food as pizza, but we have so many great places that make great pizza, and the decision would be tough. But is pizza really considered a meal? Well, I guess for a true restaurant meal, for me it would be the Fettuccini Ignazio from Cortese Restaurant in Binghamton. Pieces of lobster tail in alfredo sauce taste amazing.

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This whole thing began during a conversation with some co-workers during a recent lunch, discussing our favorite restaurant meals. Everyone had a completely different answer. And to me, that shows we have a lot of great restaurants offering delicious selections on their menu.

So, I thought I'd expand on the subject and ask on social media, a question - If you could have only one restaurant meal, what would it be and what is the restaurant? I love the fact I received so many answers. Well, over 1000 answers. Overwhelming to read through them all.


From pizza to breakfast meals, steaks, spiedies, fish entrees, BBQ, and more, I don't think many, if any type of food was not mentioned. I thank you all for your comments, and now you've made me really hungry to try some of these meal suggestions.

Here are 11 restaurants out of over 100 restaurant meals that had the most mentions.

One Food From Favorite Restaurant

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