I was too young to attend the original 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, New York. For those who did, it indeed was a memorable event they will never forget.

But I finally got off my butt in 2022 and took the short drive to Bethel to see the concert site along with the museum. I'm glad I did and would encourage anyone to make the journey as well.

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Bethel Woods Center For The Arts puts on a lot of great concerts during the warm months of the year at their beautiful amphitheater and is quickly setting dates for the 2023 season with rock, pop, country, and other music genre acts.

Woodstock Field
Don Morgan

And there's been some rumblings of a music festival to be held on the original Woodstock concert site this summer. According to the Mid Hudson News website, Bethel Woods Center For The Arts CEO Eric Frances has mentioned that a special summer event is in the planning stages.

A quote from Bethel Woods CEO Eric Frances in the Mid Hudson News article:

In a few weeks, hopefully, we will be announcing a new multi-day festival in August for the main stage will be on the original ’69 field, which has not been the case for decades, so we’re very excited. - CEO Eric Frances

The CEO notes that the 2022 season at Bethel Woods was their best year with attendance and the number of concerts held. So we will wait for what could be exciting news.

Currently, there are two weekends in August with no Bethel Woods concerts - August 19th/20th and August 26th/27th. So, we will wait for that exciting announcement soon. Stay Tuned!

Woodstock Plaque
Don Morgan

It will be interesting and exciting to find out what the plans will be since no music event has been on that field for decades. It would be quite an experience to sit in that field enjoying music again 54 years after the original festival.

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