May 1st. Any year. Dosen't Matter. It's the most wonderful day of the year. At least for me anyway. That is the day when I get to reunite with my camper when the campground officially opens for the season.

It's six months of pure heaven for me. Maybe that sounds odd, but I love my little getaway in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Everyone has that one thing that makes them really happy. Camping is my happy place.

I used to take my travel trailer to other campgrounds, but I currently have no tow vehicle, and that's okay. Having my camper all set up and ready to walk into on weekends and vacations works for me.

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Although, I do miss visiting other campgrounds from time to time. There is one campground in New York State that I recently heard about and wouldn't mind checking out.

It's called Devil's Tombstone Campground. It is located in the Town of Hunter, Greene County in the Catskill Forest Preserve. According to the New York State Parks website:

Devil's Tombstone is one of the oldest campgrounds in the Catskill Forest Preserve. Its location, deep in Stony Clove, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Catskills, makes it a haven for serious hikers. The campground's trails lead to Hunter Mountain, with the highest historic fire tower in New York State, Indian Head, and West Kill Range. This is a small, primitive campground, with wooded sites and a small, shallow lake, Notch Lake.

This campground has 22 sites for campers, mostly back-in sites. The NYS Parks website notes that Stony Clove was "rumored to be a favorite haunt of the Devil during the early days of settlement in the Catskills. The Devil's Tombstone itself is a large boulder that was carried down the mountain many centuries ago, by a landslide or a glacier."

According to the website, American Catskills, the plaque on Devil's Tombstone reads:

This tablet commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of New York State’s Forest Preserve. The surrounding mountains, streams and woodlands remain a legacy from the past. Protected by the Constitution of New York State they represent a heritage for future generations. Erected by the Environmental Conservation Department, State of New York.” The Catskills Forest Preserve was created in 1985, and required the land to be “forever kept as wild forest lands.

Check out the video below from Amy & Ryan's Weird Adventures at the Devil's Tombstone Campground.


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