Let's be real- growing up in Upstate New York, you've gone to many bonfires and backyard fires right? What are you absolutely banned from burning in New York bonfires?

When done responsibly, bonfires, backyard fires and campfires are some of the most fun ways to spend time with friends, family, you name it. Let's not pretend to be all innocent though- Most of us have been in a position where you're gathered around a fire, cooking hot dogs or roasting marshmallows. Someone’s packed all the plates and plastic utensils you need to keep your hands clean and the food off your clothes. When you’re done eating, you just toss all of that (and probably your soda cans too) into the fire and watch the flames swallow your trash.

Or maybe you've been to a party where you may have had one to many drinks, and people started throwing all sorts of crazy things on a fire. However, did you ever stop to think if any of these things are illegal?

You did it without thinking. You were probably drinking. And you did it without realizing you just did something illegal!

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Control, open burning is prohibited in across the state with several exceptions:

- Camp fires or any other outdoor fires less than 3 feet in height and 4 feet in length, width or diameter are allowed.
- Small cooking fires are allowed.
- Ceremonial or celebratory bonfires are allowed. Disposal of flags or religious items in a small-sized fire is allowed, if it is not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.
- Only charcoal or dry, clean, untreated or unpainted wood can be burned.
- Fires cannot be left unattended and must be fully extinguished.

They have all sorts of guidelines posted online you can follow here. However....

What Things Are You Banned From Burning In Your New York Bonfire?

We decided to do some research and provide some guidance. Here's 7 things thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension Schuyler County:

It’s important to note that if you are having a fire you have a proper permit (if needed, depending on what part of the state you’re in) and that you’re not burning when there is a burn ban in place.

7 Things You’re Banned From Burning In Your New York Bonfire

We decided to do some research and provide some guidance. Here's 7 things thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension Schuyler County:

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