What started as a "hack" to get more food at Chipotle has turned into an online battle between the burrito joint, its employees and customers.

Viral Chipotle Hack To Get More Food

This all started when chatter on TikTok and other social media platforms started to focus on Chipotle's portion sizes. Posts using #chipotlewalkout alleged the restaurant had been cutting back on portion sizes in recent months and encouraged customers to leave if they felt they were being underserved.

"These burritos used to be so packed they fell apart," one TikToker ranted earlier this month. "I'm done. No more."

As the hashtag started to trend, additional posts surfaced from people claiming to be Chipotle employees. The videos allege the restaurant told its employees to give larger portions to customers recording video on their phones while waiting for their food.

"Just load it up," one viral TikTok video alleged.

Chipotle Responds To Accusations In Viral Videos

The accusations about shrinking portion sizes come at an interesting time not only for Chipotle, but the entire fast food industry.

A survey released this week revealed nearly 80% of Americans now think getting fast food is a luxury as prices have continued to increase in recent years. USA Today reported the cost of a fast food meal has increased 4.8% since last year and is up 47% in the past 10 years.

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Chipotle has now seemingly responded to the accusations it is skimping on portion sizes with its own TikTok video. In the brief clip, we see people crowded around the front counter recording video and snapping photos as their food is being made.

"POV u work at Chipotle rn," text on the video reads in reference to workers being caught on camera.

Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol not only denies the portion sizes have changed, but he's also disappointed that people are recording his employees while they are busy making burritos.

"It really kind of bums me out, frankly, when people do this videoing thing," Niccol said during an appearance on CNBC's Mad Money this week. "Because, like, it is a little rude to our team members. And our team members, their desire is to give our customers a great experience."

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