The internet is forever and Brittany Furlan learned this after she posted videos shading her husband, Tommy Lee's, ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, before deleting the post.

Furlan received backlash earlier this week after she posted a video where she claimed that Anderson wouldn't care if she died.

Furlan used the “90s Pam Makeup” filter on herself before saying, "Oh, oh" several times in a neutral tone while Lee was sitting next to her not looking at the camera.

“Pam if I died,” she wrote over the clip.

Immediately after posting the video, countless people left negative comments for Furlan. She responded, “Pls [sic] guys I gotta make jokes it’s how I cope,” before completely deleting the video, but not before people screen-recorded it.

In Anderson's new Netflix documentary, Pamela: A Love Story the Baywatch star admitted that Lee is her "only love" in her life. In a TikTok video posted on Feb. 4, Furlan gave an update to her nearly 2 million followers on how she's handling the revitalized interest in her husband's relationship with his ex-wife.

“I just wanted to come on here and let you know I’m OK because I know people have been checking on me, which is really nice, and I’m good, don’t worry,” Furlan began. “Don’t worry about the people that are saying all the mean things they’re saying. I don’t live in that world, so please don’t stress.”

Furlan added that she doesn't "sweat the comments" from strangers on the internet and noted that people don't really know her or what her relationship is like with Lee.

“I love everyone that’s been really kind. I’m sending love to those who have been unkind because I think they probably need it,” she continued before noting that she is “lucky to have a really loving husband who honestly laughs all the stuff off and could care less.”

“So, don’t worry about anything, and thank you to everyone that’s been sticking up for me…I leave my comments open, if you feel like you wanna get it out and say something mean to me, go ahead, please,” she concluded.

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