A woman in Canada says she refused to pack her spoiled brother's suitcase, which resulted in him being arrested for drugs at the airport.

Now, she's on a trip of her own — a guilt trip.

In her Reddit post, the woman explained her parents have always treated her like her brother's servant.

"It's not cultural. We are as homegrown as can be ... He is five years younger than me and has always been spoiled," she wrote, sharing she left home, went to college, has dual citizenship and "was able to get a job in Vancouver, Canada, in the film industry."

Last week, the woman's parents brought her brother to visit her, since he is on a gap year and wanted to ski. They planned to stay with her for a couple of days, but when they arrived, she immediately felt like she was being pushed back into the role of being "his maid again."

"On their way home, he tried to tell me to pack his bag for him. I politely told him to get f---ed," she wrote, revealing she told him that it was her house and she "didn't have to follow their rules."

The woman's brother became angry and "crammed his stuff in his bag."

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"Fun fact about cannabis in Canada. Each province sets their age limit for use. Next door in Alberta, you can buy alcohol and weed at 18. In my province, it's 19," she continued, adding, "There are also signs all over the airport that say not to travel with that over the border even if it is legal in your state. Guess what he had in his luggage? Guess who got in trouble for not being careful about his luggage?"

After her brother was arrested, the woman's parents called her "irresponsible" for not packing her brother's suitcase for him.

"My brother thinks I'm an a--hole for not packing his luggage. And I actually feel quite bad about that idiot getting in trouble. He is a spoiled little jerk, but I do love him. And if he had asked me nicely, I would have helped him pack and reminded him of the law," she concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind her decision, with many applauding her for setting boundaries.

"I'm glad you set a boundary and stuck to it. Natural consequences for him and your parents," one user wrote.

"Good, maybe he'll get a clue that you aren't his servant, no matter what your parents think," someone else commented.

"OP's brother needs to (finally) learn and experience consequences," another shared.

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