Did you know celebrities likely won't sign an autograph for you if you hand them a pen with blue ink?

Fame comes with a ton of risks. For instance, celebrities have been victimized by plenty of device hacks and nude photo leaks over the years.

Another risk is the possibility of forgeries, something big stars try hard to avoid by refusing to sign autographs for fans using blue ink or on blank pieces of paper.

Find out why, below.

Why Celebrities Won’t Sign Autographs With Blue Ink

The Crown star Claire Foy went viral in 2023 when a TikTok revealed she refused to sign an autograph for someone at an event, telling them she doesn't "do blue."

In the comments section of the viral TikTok, people speculated that she refused to sign her autograph in blue ink because blue ink is easily transferable, and therefore lends itself to forgeries, such as forged documents and fake autographed pictures.

However, speaking to Today, expert Christopher M. Naghibi revealed that the idea surrounding blue ink being more easily transferable for forgeries is a persistent myth.

"The notion that blue ink can be forged more easily than black ink isn't necessarily accurate in the context of modern technology. It really stems from an old, outdated ideology," Naghibi said.

Naghibi added that while historically, blue ink used in scanned documents wasn't as high contrast as black ink, "with advancements in scanning and printing technology ... this distinction has become less relevant."

Don’t Give a Celebrity a Blank Piece of Paper if You Want Their Autograph

There's an important reason why celebrities often refuse to sign blank pieces of paper.

According to HuffPost, stars who sign an autograph on a blank piece of paper — often called a "blank" in the industry — could face potential forgeries.

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HuffPost reports that after a signature is obtained, someone could scan the autograph and place a photo of their choice behind the signature to create a forged autographed image, which they can then sell to unsuspecting fans.

These knock-offs are often of a lesser quality and deteriorate quickly, devaluing the star's authentic autograph in the process.

In the worst case scenario, someone could potentially place the celebrity's autograph over a nude photo or some other offensive content.

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