A man on Reddit says his brother is furious with him after he chose not to disclose the birth of his niece and nephew.

"I had asked my brother David for monetary help a while earlier. He's rich and would've been able to help me. He refused by saying that he doesn't have to help me, that it's none of his business, and I said okay," the man wrote.

"But the problem is that he also made a rude comment to the effect of, 'Maybe the reason you are struggling is that you have two kids already, and your wife's pregnant still. I think you should stop having children,'" he continued on Reddit.

A few months after his brother made the comment, the man's wife gave birth to twins: a boy and girl.

Out of spite, he didn't inform his brother. He did, however, tell friends and family about the birth — information which eventually made its way back to his brother.

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"...He found out through them and came to the hospital to congratulate us. He said 'You have three girls now, which is a peach, but at least there's also a boy.' He then asked me why I hadn't told him, and I just said that I did not feel it was necessary to do so. He got offended and told me that he's their uncle, and I mentioned that he should begin acting like one instead of being a deadbeat if he wants my respect," the man revealed.

The two brothers got into an argument, and their row has caused tension in their family.

"My other family members think that I should have told him even though he had made that comment earlier," the man concluded his post.

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Users in the comments section roasted the man, with many arguing he isn't entitled to his brother's money.

"You aren’t entitled to his money. His comment wasn’t nearly as rude as you think it is. If you’re already struggling with money, then having more children is irresponsible. That’s just a fact. You can still choose to have more children of course. After all, that’s entirely your choice. But then stop b---hing about not having money. You put yourself in this position," one person wrote.

"Full agreement here. Whether he's rich or not, it's not his responsibility because you can't take care of your own business. He didn't put those babies in your wife's belly. You did. And if you couldn't care for the ones you already had, it's poor planning to add even more to the mix," another commented.

"When you ask people for their money you open yourself up to their unwanted comments," someone else chimed in.

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