Next time that you go into a business in New York and you need to use the bathroom--they might have to legally let you use the bathroom even if it is a bathroom for 'employees only'.

Here are 4 bathroom laws in New York State that you might not know and might find interesting (you may even be able to point out some places that are in violation).

1.) In New York State, a business has to let you use the employee bathroom "even if the place of business does not normally make the employee toilet facility available to the public". Though there must be TWO employees in the store at that given time AND "the individual requesting the use of the employee toilet facility has an eligible medical condition or utilizes an ostomy device", according to the New York State site.


2.) "All single-occupancy bathrooms gender neutral in school districts, charter schools, SUNY, CUNY, community colleges, restaurants, bars, mercantile establishments, factories, and state-owned or operated buildings."

3.) Family restrooms are not necessary in every establishment, despite some parties trying to pass such a law.

4.) State law requires that there be a certain number of porta potties at certain places. For example, on job sites, there must be 1 porta potty per 10 workers.

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