My dog Charley is getting old, and it's tough to watch.  You don't ever think about it when you take home that cute puppy for the first time, and it's the last thing on your mind on a summer day when he keeps bringing back that frisbee until he is panting.  He's 13 this year, and he's starting to have some trouble getting around.  It seemed to get worse on a recent trip to my in-laws, who have very slick hardwood floors. His legs would kick out from under him as he would try to get up, or make quick moves walking.  Charley always wants to be nearby too, so I would have to tell him to stay every time I would go up or down stairs with the intention to return, or else he would want to follow.  He was always a pretty agile guy for a fairly big breed (German Shepard/Border Collie Mix), but seeing him trip up now is really hard.

So I got him some rubber booties to wear on the hardwood floors, he hates them of course, but they do help with his traction.  And though he thinks they are treats, he's getting daily Glucosamine pills.  I made him an appointment with the vet for next week, I hope he can help as well.  I know it won't help him walk any better, but I'm also trying to give him a little extra attention too.  I want him to know how much his companionship has meant to me. You're a good boy, Charley.

matty j