Do you need a county and/or state fair fix? I do. And I bet you do too, especially since last year all county fairs were canceled due to the pandemic. Well, as we get back to a more normal lifestyle, the fairs are back, and we are happy about that.

Everyone has a favorite part of a fair. Mine is trying out all the different types of food that you normally won't find outside of a fair. Like anything fried. Okay, I am not a fan of fried pickles. But there are some odd food items that you would think are not going to taste good, but they actually do.

Another one of my food favorites at the New York State Fair are the corn on the cob. I don't know why it seems to taste better than when I prepare corn on the cob at home, but it does. Maybe it's because it's completely drenched in butter?

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Of course I love riding the midway rides. My wife on the other hand, does not.The faster, loopier, twistier, steeper the ride, the better. As you might guess, roller coasters are my favorite. Because of the complexity of the ride, most county fairs do not have roller coasters.

But many of them do have one of my other favorite rides - The Himalaya. It's not the most thrilling ride, but I remember when I was younger, I loved the ear popping rock and top 40 music blaring out of the speakers as we went round and round with the ride operator doing his best DJ impression, asking if we wanted to go faster. I always wanted to be that guy.

So, are you ready for county fairs and the New York State Fair? Here are the dates and locations.

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