As you may already know, New York State is banning plastic bags for checkouts on March 1st.

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Some stores like Wegmans have already banned the bags and switched over to reusable or paper bags.

Also, my wife found out the hard way that the Wal-mart on Sheridan Drive in Amherst also started banning plastic bags this morning. She went shopping only to find out when she was checking out that the store no longer gives out plastic bags. You can buy a reusable bag or bring in your own bag.

The ban also affects big-box stores like Target, JCPennys and Old Navy. You will need to bring in your own bag or buy a reusable one.

There are some exemptions to the law according to the New York government website:

Some bags are exempt under the law, so plastic bags may still be distributed to consumers in a few specific circumstances, such as a bag used by a pharmacy to carry prescription drugs, and produce bags for bulk items such as fruits and vegetables. But as a consumer, you can aid in protecting our environment by using reusable bags as much as possible.




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