If you are really into your health and fitness and it doesn't take a back seat to anything then marriage might not be an option for you.

According to research from Ohio State University, marriage or divorce can cause issues on the scale.

Holy matrimony messes up your weight whether you are walking down the aisle or headed straight for splitsville.

Marriage and divorce are both called "weight shocks" because they lead people to pack on a few pounds, but the effects are way different for men and women, according to a recent Ohio State University study. For guys, the risk of adding weight increases after a breakup, while for gals it happens right after tying the knot.

The survey found that the most weight gain occurred in people older than age 30. Most other studies have suggested that divorce actually leads to weight loss in the first years after a union ends.

But this is the first survey to separate people by gender and show that men actually gain weight after getting a divorce. "Clearly, the effect of marital transitions on weight changes differ by gender," says lead researcher Dmitry Tumin, a sociology doctorate student at OSU. "Divorces for men and, to some extent, marriages for women promote weight gains that may be large enough to pose a health risk."

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