This might be my craziest cake ever.

Rob Banks is a big fan of Ranch dressing, so when it was time to come up with an epic birthday cake for his 30th, that was all the inspiration I needed.

IMG_2912 2

A few weeks back, I showed you how to make a pinata cake. The Hidden Valley Ranch cake is made the same way, only this time we hid an entire bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing inside of it.

And really, you can use this method to hide anything in a cake as a gag.

To make this cake, I had to prepare six 9-inch round cakes. Since Funfetti is Rob's favorite, I just used box mix -- easy! You can make this cake with any type of mix, as long as the cake is dense enough to support the weight of your layers (so, don't use Angel Food cake for example).


After you level out the cakes, cut a hole in the center of each layer big enough to put your surprise in the middle. I used melted chocolate to secure the dressing bottle to the cardboard cake round on the base. I like using chocolate ganache as a frosting for these cakes -- if you make it on the thicker side, it will hold a big cake like this together beautifully.


Fill the space in the hole with sprinkles (we used Nerds candies too). The smaller the sprinkles, the more dramatic the "pinata" effect will be when you cut the cake.


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