I don't know about you, but I tend to run around like a crazy person every morning. I never have anything organized and I end up running out the door feeling rushed and flustered. If you have experienced a morning like this, then you know this is no way to start your day. Here are some tips on making your mornings go much smoother:

  • Lay out your clothes the night before. My morning started off with me putting a shirt on, then throwing it, because I hated how it was fitting. Then I started going through my drawers like an animal desperately trying to find something I felt comfortable in. Now, I have a big mess to clean after work! Laying out your clothes will eliminate this stress AND save you time!

  • Prepare food the night before. If your breakfast items do not need to be refrigerated or frozen, get them out and ready to go the night before. Also, make sure lunches are prepared for the next day. Another time saver!
  • Eat breakfast. Getting your breakfast items out the night before makes it easier to grab a bite to eat so there are no excuses! Nothing makes your morning more miserable than a growling tummy...
  • Treat yourself. Grab your favorite coffee, hot chocolate or just make yourself your favorite breakfast to start your day off right. Maybe try a nice soothing face mask in the morning? Whatever works for you!
  • Crank the music. My alarm is set to wake me up with Wild 104 and I listen to the radio all morning as I get ready. The music puts a little pep in my step!
  • Have a good laugh. Start your day off with a funny video. There's a ton to choose from on YouTube. It's amazing how smiling and laughing instantly makes us feel better. Your co-workers might start to think you're a "morning person"!