The coronavirus pandemic has been extremely stressful for many people. Once the governor announced that companies should have their employees work from home, many people were able to do that, but not everyone can since their jobs are essential Most people were able to move One of the things that is extremely frustrating about the COVID-19 outbreak is that the essential workers that are coming in contact with this disease, don't even have the proper equipment. Some hospital workers, doctors, paramedics, and even first responders do not have surgical masks, gowns, and gloves to protect them. Some even have to reuse them over and over. The other problem is people purchasing them to wear themselves when they don't work in a hospital, or people buying them and selling them for a ridiculous price, which is terrible. These are all huge problems and Home Depot wants to do something about it.

According to the NY Times, just a few days ago, Home Depot decided to stop selling the masks that doctors and hospitals need to protect themselves against COVID-19. They have redirected their shipments to hospitals and workers who need them. That included hospital workers and even first responders. If you would like to wear a mask out in public, please don't buy the N95 Masks. Just make one out of a handkerchief like this one. 

Bravo to Home Depot for doing such a wonderful thing.

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