Since I am 8 months pregnant and my due date is January 22nd, I will most likely be participating in dry January. I've never done it before, but this year since I have to, maybe I'll do it every year. It;'s a relatively new trend, but more and more people are doing it for overall health.

According to Delish, Heineken, who just came out with a non alcoholic beer not too long ago, wants to help you stay on track in dry January by selling a 31 pack of their zero alcohol beer. If you head on over to their website, you could even get one for free. So you get one beer a day for the month. So, you can have the taste of beer, but still stick to your dry January resolution. I mean, hey, you can even have a bunch in one night if you want. To me, I don't even like beer all that much, so to take away the alcohol, is even worse. But who am I to say anything, I haven't tasted alcohol in almost 9 months and I'm missing it,

So cheers to anyone doing a dry January, and let Heineken get you through it.

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