It's National Hot Dog Day...and get ready to be mind-blown.

We had no idea what a Spider Dog is.

A SPIDER DOG! An American Classic! A campfire TRADITION!

Did you ever make these when you were a kid maybe on a camping trip or in the backyard? It's fun to do and honestly, it's still fun to do even when you're an adult. (Although, you look less weird if you have kids around you LOL) Take the raw hot dog and put it on a plate. Cut horizontally from one tip of the hot dog all the way down to the middle. Looking at the same end of the hot dog, cut another horizontal cut all the way to the middle, to make 2 more legs.

Then you go toward the other end of the hot dog and repeat the same steps.

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If you're trying to be crazy, you can make a hot dog squid, too.

Take your uncooked, raw hot dog and put it on a plate and chop it in half, so you have two, 3 inch hot dog pieces. Cut horizontally any end of the hot dogs half way through to make the 'legs' and then put on a stick and put that baby in the fire and do some roasting!