How many of us would embrace winter like this (very) cold-hearted fellow?

This man, sporting nothing but a black pair of underpants that's about an eighth-of-an-inch away from being a Speedo, is so happy the season's first snow is upon him that he presumably forgot to get dressed and ran outside where he frolicked like a puppy (the alcohol he drank probably did its part to help keep him warm, too).

He's so delighted, in fact, that he whips out a chainsaw, which he uses to help craft an ice bath. Hmm -- virtually no clothes and a chainsaw. This could've had a much worse ending.

We're just going to assume that he eventually headed inside where he'll spend the next eight months thawing out. That, or he'll be holed up with his teeth chattering while he waits to get over the pneumonia he's probably now battling.

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