Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing spending $168 billion in the upcoming fiscal year but did not give much of a list of details during his January 16 budget address in Albany.

While New York State legislators are just starting to go over Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget, one legislator didn’t even wait until the end of the speech yesterday.  Democrat Charles Baron, a Brooklyn Democrat,stood up during the address to heckle the governor and call for higher taxes on millionaires to support public schools.

The Governor told the fellow Democrat he should wait until he heard all of the speech before launching criticism.

Cuomo says he does want $26.3 billion on education, a 3% increase.

Binghamton Mayor Richard David says the governor has made needed investments in Upstate New York.  The Republican notes Binghamton has benefitted greatly through the Regional Economic Development Council initiatives.  Governor Cuomo has included $750 million of funding in the budget to continue the program.

The proposal looks to tackle the drug addiction epidemic by imposing a 2-cent-per-milligram surcharge on opioid prescriptions that would go toward paying for New York’s programs to prevent and combat addiction.

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