As of right now, Governor Andrew Cuomo says Halloween is good to go.

While we wait on what the possible outcome is, we are still going to be able to get our scare on.

There are a ton of fun haunted events going on in and around the Hudson Valley. If you're looking for a unique experience that isn't your typical run of the mill haunted mansion or hayride, then look no further than Howe Caverns.

At Howe Caverns, you'll descend 16 stories to the explore their Haunted Cave Tour. Yes, that's right. You're literally visiting the underworld. Might as well through in the bit about the haunted boat ride too. I'm getting a Willy Wonka vibe here.

The thought alone is terrifying.

According to the Howe Caverns Facebook page, you will experience "a world of creatures you were never meant to see."

Tickets will be sold by reservation, so waiting on a long line is out of the question. They also remind us that bad weather is no worry, you're in a cave that is set to a balmy 52 degrees every day.

Tours for the Howe Caverns Haunted Cave Tour are on sale now and tours will run from September 25th through November 1st.

With everything going on in the world above the cave, there are new rules and regulations in place. For instance their website states "All guests are required to wear a mask for the duration of their visit. If you do not bring a mask, they will be available to purchase in our gift shop."

Howe Caverns also adds that "Tour capacity will be limited. Parties may request their own elevator into the cave" for more details and for any questions you are urged to call 518-296-8900.

Will you be visiting the underworld of Howe Caverns this Halloween season?


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