What is a nuisance to you? If you asked my wife, she would probably throw out my name, depending on what dumb thing I did lately to get her annoyed.

I'm sure there are many things in life that are a nuisance to you, but for this article, I thought we'd take a look at something else other than humans. More specifically, I'm thinking about Nuisance animals and insects. Now I'sure that is a topic we can all comment about.

For me, the biggest animal nuisance is the squirrel. They have gnawed their way into my attic and made a mess, they taunt my two Greyhounds and Whippet and they drop garbage into my back yard. And then there are the mice. They are fans of my kitchen and love to leave their calling cards all over the place.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has a list of Nuisance Wildlife Species and has some tips on how to control problems with these types of wildlife.

For example, the NYS DEC suggests that you clean up any food around your bird feeders and remove them in spring and summer. Although, I leave mine out because we get a lot of birds, and yes, I know the squirrels get right in there as well.

Also, secure your trash cans securely. If only some of my neighbors would do just that (thank you for letting me vent.) And keep your lawn as tidy as possible to prevent areas for nuisance animals to call home.

You can get more tips about each animal/insect/mammal and tips on how to resolve wildlife issues by clicking on the animal/insect name under each picture.


The Most Annoying New York State Nuisance Wildlife Species

New York is full of amazing wildlife... some are great, and some are not so great. These are the ones that just straight up annoy New Yorkers.

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