After months of dangling carrots in front of us, telling us that it was coming soon, Facebook has finally done it. Facebook has rolled out a new feature which allows users to delete messages that they've sent in Facebook Messenger.

Maybe you sent a message to the wrong person. Maybe you sent a message to someone important and accidently (see what we did there?) spelled a bunch of words wrong. Maybe you sent a heated message to someone and had instant regret after the deed was done. With the remove message feature in Facebook Messenger, you've got ten minutes to change your mind and remove the message. Once ten minutes have passed, if you've not removed the message yet, you're out of luck.

To delete a recently (remember: within 10 minutes) message in Messenger, tap on the message that you want to be deleted and you'll see a few options at the bottom of your screen: copy, forward, and remove.

Traci Taylor


Tap on "remove" and you'll see two additional options: "Remove for everyone," and "Remove for you." If you decide to remove the message for everyone, the message will be deleted and replaced with text saying that you've removed a message. If you decide to remove the message for just you, you won't be able to see the message anymore, but the person you sent the message to will still be able to view it.

Traci Taylor

Happy deleting!

[via Digital Trends]