The other day I was in a public restroom and you know how when you look down at the floor you can see feet at the bottom of the stall next to you?

Well, unless you're this guy who looked down to see a kid slinking under his bathroom stall door. But anyway, I glanced sideways at the floor and saw a pair of feet and a purse. On the floor. The feet were wearing shoes, but the purse was just right there, on the floor in the middle of who knows what filth and all that I could think of was that the owner would soon pick it up and set it down someplace else- like maybe on a table where someone was planning to eat which would essentially be like sitting on the bathroom floor and eating a meal off of it. 

Please, I'm begging you to never, ever set your purse on the floor of a restroom. Think about it, your purse touches so many nasty places and then what do you do when you get home? You throw it down on the kitchen counter or on the table. Do you ever stop to think about how many germs you're spreading when you do that?

In a study by Initial Washroom Hygiene, 20 percent of purses swabbed for germs were found to be dirtier than the average toilet seat! But that's not all - even the things inside your purse aren't safe. Makeup, lotions and cell phones were all found to contain high levels of bacteria.

So, what can you do to fight back against all of that nastiness? Well, experts say if you're not careful the germs on your purse or the things in your purse could cross-contaminate other surfaces, and so their suggestion is that you take time to regularly wipe down your bag and the things inside of it.

[via Initial Washroom Hygiene]