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Emma Roberts Blocked Her Mom on Instagram After Leaking Pregnancy News! 

Emma Roberts revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she recently bought her mom an iPhone, which led to her accidentally leaking Roberts' pregnancy news! She said it caused all sorts of trouble and happened because her mom was looking up Emma Roberts-related rumors and gossip. (via Buzzfeed)

Nearly Half of Drivers Find Their Own Car Confusing

A new study found that 44 percent of 2,000 drivers surveyed find their car "confusing." Apparently, one in ten motorist don't even have a good idea on how many miles per gallon their car gets. (via StudyFinds)

Dad Creates #DanceOn After Son Gets Bullied for Dancing

After his son was bullied for dancing in a school dance performance, Greg Long established #DanceOn, a nonprofit organization to support dancers in financial need and who have also been a victim of bullying. #DanceOn sells T-shirts, gives out scholarships and even provides dance classes with professional male dancers who share their stories of being bullied as well. (via Today)

Monster Pumpkin Crowned Largest Grown in North America

A pumpkin grown by Minnesota resident Travis Gienger was crowned the largest grown pumpkin in North American after weighing in at a whopping 2,350 pounds! Now that's a great pumpkin. (via Good News Network)

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