Dua Lipa addressed the blatant sexism she faced after being "cancelled" for going to a strip club.

In January, a video of the "No Rules" hitmaker visiting a strip club with Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Rosalía following the 2020 Grammy Awards sparked backlash online from people who accused her of being "anti-feminist."

This even led to the hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty to begin trending on Twitter. At the time, Lipa did not respond to the criticism, but now, in a new interview with The Sunday Times, the pop star opened up about how she felt over the whole controversy and why she finds the internet's cancel culture "interesting."

“You know, artists are people, and we learn from mistakes and apologise when it’s due. But, also, if I stand by my actions, I just won’t comment," she explained.

“I never do anything to be mean or degrading," Lipa added. "Everything has a good intention, and if things get taken a wrong way, I’ll apologize. But I can’t live my life being scared in case someone tries to cancel me for something silly.”

“I just feel I’m here because I do music, but when people write articles like that about me, it takes it away from my talent and makes me a thing. An object," she continued. "People like to just objectify women.”

"[It can] make you feel like you’re not good enough," Lipa told the newspaper. "It felt like a breeding ground for hate and stopped me being proud of my achievements."

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