On Friday, May 20th, Delaware County Undersheriff Timothy Buckley called himself out of service to retire. Buckley became a full-time deputy for Delaware County in 2000 and rose through the ranks as an investigator and Lieutenant.

Delaware County Undersheriff Tim Buckley Calls Himself Out Of Service

In 2018, he became Undersheriff and after 26 years in Delaware County Law Enforcement, he's calling it a career. I love the way that the department handled his retirement. Listen as retiring Undersheriff Tim Buckley calls himself out of service with the help from 911

Over 50 people were on hand at the Public Safety Building in Delhi for the special occasion including his youngest brother Chad, who is a 1st Sergeant of Troop C Headquarters in Sidney.

Sergeant Kim Smith was appointed the new Undersheriff of Delaware County on Tuesday, May 24th. Watching the video brought a tear and a smile to my face at the same time.

We don't show enough of these kinds of wonderful things that our Men in Blue do. Congratulations, good luck and thank you for your service, Tim.

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