Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing $40 million in emergency funding to deal with the Coronavirus.

Cuomo says the funding will be used by the State Department of Health to hire additional staff, obtain equipment and any other resources necessary to respond to a potential Coronavirus pandemic.

The governor says the DOH will work with local health departments and hospitals statewide to review protocols, best practices and procedures to combat the spread of the virus.

"As we are seeing the novel coronavirus spread to new countries around the world, in New York we are continuing to take all necessary precautions to protect New Yorkers from this dangerous virus," Cuomo said.  "While there are still no confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in New York, these aggressive actions including $40 million in emergency funding will help ensure our healthcare system is equipped with the necessary staff, supplies and equipment needed to respond to any emergency situation that may arise in the future."

Samples from 27 New Yorkers have been sent to the CDC for testing.  26 have come back negative, with one result still pending.

There are still no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in New York State.

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