Cross Gene might be a predominantly South Korean boy band, but their make-up is an international affair.

The troupe, which debuted in 2012 with their Timeless: Begins mini-album, consists of three South Koreans (Sangmin, actor Shin and Yongseok), a Japanese member (Takuya) and Casper, who hails from China. (Their group name represents their unique cross-national composition, if you couldn't guess.)

True to their form, the troupe — which picked up the K-pop Rookie Award in 2013 — have released both in South Korea and abroad, including last year's Ying Yang in Japan. With hits like "La-Di Da-Di," "Sky High," "Shooting Star," "Future" and "Love & Peace/Shi-tai!," the group only keeps growing in popularity.

And with their impending comeback in February, the excitement for more Cross Gene is at an all-time high. (Just look at those Most Anticipated Comeback poll results!)

Check out the evolution of Cross Gene up top.

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