Just because something sounds weird doesn't mean it tastes that way. A lesson I've learned since becoming a mom to a little boy who pairs the strangest foods together and then looks at me with a proud face and asks me to taste what he's made.

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I don't want to crush my son by refusing to taste his creations and so I've had a salad topped with mayonnaise and mustard, a peanut butter, black olive, and ketchup sandwich and, my least favorite, milk, and lemonade mixed together. Yep. It's as awful as you're imagining right now.

My son's recent favorite isn't awfully, actually. It's carb-loaded, but at least it isn't curdled lemon-flavored milk. John's new thing is to put spaghetti between chips and eat it like a sandwich. My boy and I are both suckers for chips, putting them into our lunchmeat sandwiches and sometimes we put them as a base for pot roast on our dinner plate.

I'm not a fan of chocolate, but this is a new candy that I can get behind and I have a feeling that my boy will be all for it, too.  According to Fox News, Reese's is rumored to be introducing a new Peanut Butter Cup that will be stuffed with pieces of potato chips. If you've never had the combination of sweet chocolate and salty chips, you're missing out because it tastes incredible. Truly. Remember- I don't care for chocolate but I have had chocolate covered chips and they were divine.

There's no word on when the chip stuffed Reese's will go on sale but rumor has it that they'll be in stores very soon.

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