COVID-19 deaths in New York have increased significantly from what the daily number was seven days ago. According to the daily COVID-19 report released by the office of New York's first female governor, Kathy Hochul, the daily deaths have increased by more than 50 percent. The numbers released by the Governor's Office on September 4, 2021, which were for the day before, September 3, indicated that 28 people passed away from the deadly virus. The numbers released on September 10, which were for the day before, September 9, show that 43 people died on that day from COVID-19.  Over the past week, 209 people have died, with the 9th having the most deaths during that time frame (see chart below).

Governor Hochul said that the State of New York is working to get more people vaccinated to help lower the number of daily deaths,

Many New Yorkers are continuing to catch COVID-19 as we work to fight the pandemic across the state. Although many have gotten vaccinated, we need to push those numbers even higher to defeat this virus for good. We're working to get more vaccines in underserved communities across New York—particularly among 12 to 17-year-olds—and that's why we're opening new pop-up sites and leveraging a social media campaign to get the word out. The shot is safe, free and effective, so let's all protect our friends and neighbors and get vaccinated today.

Here are the daily deaths over the past 7 days:

Date of DeathsDate ReportedNumber of Deaths
September 3, 2021September 4, 202128
September 4, 2021September 5, 202127
September 5, 2021September 6, 202126
September 6, 2021September 7, 202135
September 7, 2021September 8, 202131
September 8, 2021September 9, 202119
September 9, 2021September 10, 202143

Compiled by Yasmin Young from data provided by the NY Governor's Office.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 has been increasing across the state over the past few months. Vaccinations have decreased over the past week. On September 9, 58,138 people received the COVID-19 vaccine in New York State. On September 3, 67,962 people received the vaccine. During the past week, 335,686 people total have been vaccinated in the state.

Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with completed vaccine series - 71.1%
Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with at least one vaccine dose (CDC) - 81.1% ~ NY Governor's Website

If you are a resident of New York and have not been vaccinated, you can get vaccinated by calling 1-833-NYS-4-VAX or visit

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