Cheese is the most delicious food that you could possibly put in your mouth. Cheddar, swiss, ricotta, mozzarella, brie... well, maybe not brie, but cheese is still fantastic!

A study has recently come out of Italy with evidence to show that eating cheese can, believe it or not, actually help you to live longer. A compound called spermidine, which is found in aged cheese, is what the researchers of this study believe is responsible for extending one's life.

800 Italians were surveyed for this study, and those who reported a higher intake of spermidine (those who ate more cheese than others) were found to have lower blood pressure and a 40% lower risk of heart failure.

Essentially, the study is saying that eating cheese is healthy for you, and reduces your risk for all sorts of cardiovascular diseases. But, you need to remember that cheese is also quite high in fat, so eat it in moderation, okay?