I've been spending countless hours tracing my family history in a genealogy website and one interesting thing that I've found is that the majority of my ancestors, even back those who lived in the 1600s, all lived long lives. Most lived well into their late 90s and I hope that will be the case for me.

I know that I'm up against all sorts of things my ancestors weren't like pollution and processed foods, but I hope that my DNA allows me to live a long and fulfilling life, a life like Virginia McLaurin has lived.

If Ms. McLaurin's name sounds familiar, it should. McLaurin celebrated turning 107-years-old last year and her birthday didn't just make headlines because of her age, but because she celebrated her big day as a guest of the White House, dancing with President and Mrs. Obama, and then she had some fun with the Harlem Globetrotters.

McLaurin recently turned another year older (108!) and wasn't about to pass up the chance to celebrate her life once again with the Harlem Globetrotters, where they taught her how to spin a basketball on her finger. The Globetrotters hope to make this a yearly celebration of McLaurin's life and say they look forward to celebrating with her again next year.

[via People]

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