Boxes of wine have been a novelty and a must-have at all back yard and house parties. But what if you wanted to bring that box of wine along with you. It wasn't very easy to bring it along, until now. According to, Franzia has come up with a convenient way to make sure you can bring your favorite box of wine anywhere you want. They not only have a new backpack, but they have other apparel too.

The most amazing new piece of apparel is the backpack. This is not your typical backpack and be sure you don't send your kids to school with it. This backpack holds your favorite box of Franzia wine. It is thirty-two dollars and it has a nifty wine opening on the side of the backpack for easy pouring. The Franzia spout fits right in there. You can pour a glass while still wearing the backpack. Stay patent, they are going on sale soon.

They are other cool apparel available on the Franzia website too. They have the Franz For Life Party CUps that you can play "wine pong" with. There is also a matching boxed wine charm friendship necklace that you can buy for your best wine drinking friend. There are also "I Love Box Wine" socks, hats, and even towels available.

To purchase any of these amazing gifts for the box wine lover in your life, you can go to the Franzia website by clicking HERE

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