Carrie Horton from the Broome County Health Department and Gordie Shiner of Traci's Hope appear on the weekly, local public affairs program, The Southern Tier Close Up to talk about everything from early detection of breast cancer to dealing with the financial and emotional stresses for patients and their families.

Shiner, Traci Gibson's, father reflects on his daughter's diagnosis of advanced cancer at the age of 31 and the work of Traci's hope to carry on her legacy of helping pay medical bills and liviing expenses for cancer patients.

Horton discusses advancements in cancer detection and treatment as well as the barriers, like fear and finances, that can keep people from early screening.

More information about Traci's hope can be found at

Information about screenings, treatments and the Southern Tier Cancer Services Program can be found at the Broome County website:

Southern Tier Close Up is heard Sunday at 6 am on Wild 104.

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