Fans are outraged after Blac Chyna endorsed a skin bleaching product on Instagram.

The 30-year-old partnered with Whitenicious by Dencia to produce a $250 skin brightening lotion, sold in a jar covered in Swarovski crystals. According to Whitenicious' website, Blac Chyna's bleaching cream "gives a brightening glow for younger-looking skin" and "brightens and lightens without bleaching skin out."

Social media was flooded with furious takes hours after Blac Chyna posted about an "exclusive shopping event" she's hosting in Nigeria on Nov. 25, inviting "the public" to try the controversial product. The mother-of-two hid the comments for the specific post, but that didn't stop people on Twitter from sounding off about the issue.

One user called the social media star "a d---head" for plugging the product, adding that she's "vile for being complicit in something so damaging." More than one of Blac Chyna's critics accused her of furthering institutionalized colorism within the black community, specifically Nigeria.

"Black Chyna partnering up with Africa's bleaching king and queen to create a new face bleaching cream is beyond problematic," one user noted. "It's really rubbing me the wrong way, ain't no way in hell she would do that in LA. Exploiting Nigeria's colorism problem is disgusting."

While few, if any, were on Blac Chyna's side, some Twitter users pointed out that colorism didn't start with her and likely won't end with her.

"I know for some of you, she may be an easy target, but we need to get to the root of the darker skinned black people have been conditioned to hate their complexions," one social media critic said.

Another added, "I really wish African folks would love their dark skin and stop bleaching to be lighter."

Blac Chyna hasn't commented on the controversy. The post is still visible on her feed.

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