Binghamton University is following through on a promise to look for better ways to protect and alert students on the Vestal campus in the wake of the fatal stabbing of a freshman allegedly by another student in April.

Over the past several weeks, the University has been making adjustments and testing a new alert system.  Instead of several calls about an issue prompting the sending of an alert, the new method would employ a quicker, one-button approach and several options other than text messages to alert the community.

Safety systems on campus include sirens and emergency messages that appear on signs and on televisions at the University.  BU also sends out messages via text and email.

Many students expressed concerns that it took 45 minutes for alerts to be issued the night Joao Souza was fatally stabbed multiple times in his dormitory and the student believed responsible remained at large.

Campus security and administration officials have said they hope to have the improved alert mechanism operating by the end of the summer.

In addition to campus alerts, Binghamton University is looking at improvements to ways to notify families of students attending BU of any situation of concern.


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