Add Binghamton Mayor Richard David to the list of local government officials in New York telling the state “enough is enough” with the curfew on restaurants and bars while closing time rules are eased for other businesses.


Onondaga County Executive J. Ryan Mc Mahon II was especially vocal about the lopsided rules when Syracuse University was in the NCAA playoffs and bars had to close at times before the end of games and even before tip-off.

Mayor David released a statement April 12 saying the state’s decision to extend the 11p.m. curfew for food and beverage establishments is “unfortunate and unnecessary.”

The Mayor points out later hours have been granted for casinos, movie theaters and bowling alleys but not for taverns that do most of their business late at night.

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The Republican says Binghamton’s establishments have worked hard to protect their customers and meet all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines while vaccination numbers are improving.  He adds, with better weather, restaurants and bars are again opening outdoor areas and says it is time for the State to lift the curfew on restaurants and bars.

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