A Sasquatch head weighs more than 100 pounds according to the man in video below. How does he know this? Because he claims to have the frozen head of the legendary forest creature Bigfoot and he's sharing it with us.

According to the man in the video, Peter Caine of Beaver Dams, New York, his father shot this Sasquatch in Upstate New York in 1953. To get it out of the woods his father and a friend chopped up the body and carried it back home where they froze it. It's been frozen ever since. Peter Caine claims that he has the entire body in a deep freezer and it's been part of his family ever since his dad shot it.

In the video he displays the frozen head and even does close-ups. This isn't that grainy, shaky, dark video that we're used to....this is pretty clear.

A lot of people claim this is an elaborate hoax and it's meant to be tongue and cheek...especially the part about it ruining Thanksgiving.

So, what do you think?

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