I haven't been to Disney World (Florida) in probably 10 years, and I've only been to Disney Land (California) once, which was back in 2008! Regardless, I absolutely LOVEEEEEE Disney; the rides, characters, happiness, love! Now I've never been a parent and taken a  child to Disney World which is probably why I still like it haha, I hear after that trip it's all down hill!

Also with the increasing prices of the tickets, food, hotels, flights, etc. I truly don't understand how a normal family/couple can possibly afford such a trip. It's sad that ticket prices to get into the park have increased up to $100 per person, I really just don't get it!

But any whooooo, E!Online came out with a very very interesting article of all the changes that are coming to Disney World in 2017!!! Sadly some of them are traditions in Disney that I can't believe they're doing away with! And for those crazy Disney fans... you guys are going to be really pissed...

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You can get married in the park!! - You'll need a fiancé, and probably a million bagillion dollars, but once you get those two things it will be the wedding of your dreams! The bride will be able to arrive in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, vows will be exchanged next to Cinderella's castle, & it will all go down after hours when the park is closed!!!!

The Guardians of the Galaxy ride will be open. - We had to trade in the Tower of Terror to get it (one of the first rides I ever want on in Disney World when I was 7!). The premise is that you're in a giant power plant that houses The Collector's prized possessions from around the world. There will of course be characters from the movie and that now-familiar, occasionally nausea-inducing free fall experience.

The Main Street Electrical Parade is but a distant memory. - This one is freaking unbelievably to me, I am so angry!!!! This is going down in Florida; the light show-meets parade has illuminated Main Street for years, and had its last run in October. They've promised that the event will be popping up at Disneyland in Anaheim early next year for a limited time...

'Frozen: Ever After' is finally up and running fully... - The soft opening came with all the expected issues, especially the lines (families waited up to five hours to see Elsa and the gang sing and dance while they floated by on old-timey wooden boats.). Problems such as this won't completely disappear with 2017, but it will bring improvements!

Now for any families going in 2017, I'm sure none of these changes hinder your plans, except for the Frozen section opening up because kids have gone NUTTS for that movie!! & sadly... those aren't even all the changes! I know, but don't have the messenger, hate the giant corporation banking off our kids.... I mean, what!?!

[VIA: E!Online ]

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