Going to Target is already a magical experience for most (or hellish, during this time of year, anyway...) but when you factor in the possibility of a run-in with Queen Bey, suddenly a trip to the local retail chain store becomes that much more of an event.

On Thursday (December 7), one San Clemente, California resident got the opportunity to say she went shopping with Beyonce (well, sorta) when she stumbled upon Beyonce and her brood—daughter Blue Ivy, 5, and mother Tina Knowles Lawson—browsing the aisles of her local Target. The shopper, a young woman who goes by the Twitter handle @TaylorOlivia, quickly snapped into paparazzi formation.

After taking a few photos on her camera phone, she shared the (now viral) snapshots on Twitter, noting, "It's not everyday you see @Beyonce at Target."

Naturally, BeyHive Twitter blew up:

However, while many BeyHive members expressed excitement and awe at the mere thought of the performer shopping like a regular, everyday civilian, some fans were aggravated by the photos and argued that following the singer around Target was in blatant disregard for her and her family's privacy.

Some users also pointed out that Beyonce appeared to be motioning "stop" or "no pictures" in one image.

Regardless, let's just hope that Target location had LEMONADE in stock. (If not, how embarrassing!)

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