Would you stay at a hotel knowing that they did not have little shampoos, soaps and lotions for you to use while you were there or to take home as a reminder of your trip?

There are a few senators in New York that are trying to ban single-use plastic bottle toiletries in hotels across the state. Over the last year, I have stayed in four hotels. Three of the four have had dispensers in the shower that hold shower gel and shampoo in them. At the time, I thought that was different but also thought that it was a good idea that they can just be refilled when they are getting low (provided housekeeping checks them).

What do you think? Is having those little bottles and soaps (and being able to take them home) part of what you are paying for? Are they a part of your hotel 'experience?' Would you not stay at a particular place if it was optional to not have the individual bottles? Or could you care less because you always bring your own toiletries?

Most California towns banned the bottles last year and in August of 2019, Marriott Corporation said that they would be or already had removed the little bottles in all of their brands in favor of refillable toiletry bottles.

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