Quaker Oats just announced that former Aunt Jemima products like pancake mix and pancake syrup, have now have been renamed. The New company is called Pearl Milling Company and it's not an entirely new company, but it will be the first time products will be on store shelves. The Pearl Milling Company actually came up with the self rising pancake mix and has been around since the 1800's according to 6abc.

6abc reports that you will still be able to get products with Aunt Jemima packaging until June. After that the Pearl Milling Company logo will be on everything. As you can see from the tweet below from 6abc, the color theme is staying the same with the red box and yellow and white writing, just the name is changing on the box.

The move from Quaker Oats comes after many consumers and even employees have expressed feelings that the Aunt Jemima logo was racist and very stereotypical. 6abc says, Aunt Jemima was actually based on a black woman who used to serve her masters and the logo began being printed on boxes in 1925. Nancy Green was the actually woman who was printed on the box and she was a former slave as well. Quaker Oats decided they would retire the Aunt Jemima logos back in June, but this is the first we're hearing of an actual new name. I hope they keep the same recipes because I loved those pancake mixes and syrup. they were my favorite.

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